“As the uncertainty of projects increase due to the speed of our changing world, project management approach should also change; responsive Project Management is the future.

Change will become the rule”.


We wrote this quote 2 years ago; not in our wildest dreams we could imagine a scenario of change like the one we are living in 2020.

And yet, this is totally applicable to our reality in Project Management Practice.

The nature of the projects is evolving, for example, last week I had a meeting with a client that has an enterprise change project in her company, the project challenge is: “We need to change the way CEO´s in our company are directing their teams, we need to implement a new mindset of working”

Gantt charts, Budgets or a WBS are not enough to manage such a project, we need to understand People and Deliver business results. 

In the 2021 PMP exam, PMI is proposing a new way to see projects, 3 DOMAINS of Project Management and tasks to perform in each domain:

    • Manage Conflict
    • Lead a team
    • Support team performance
    • Empower team members and stakeholders
    • Build a team
    • Address and remove impediments, obstacles, and blockers for the team
    • Negotiate project agreements
    • Collaborate with stakeholders
    • Build shares understanding
    • Engage and support virtual teams
    • Define team ground rules
    • Mentor relevant stakeholders
    • Promote team performance through the applications of emotional intelligence
    • Execute project with the urgency required to deliver business value
    • Manage communications
    • Assess and manage risk
    • Engage stakeholders
    • Plan and manage budget and resources
    • Plan and manage schedule
    • Plan and manage quality of products / deliverables
    • Plan and manage scope
    • Integrate project planning activities
    • Manage project changes
    • Plan and manage procurement
    • Manage project artifacts
    • Determine appropriate project methodology / methods and practices
    • Establish project governance structure
    • Manage project issues
    • Ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity
    • Plan and manage project / phase closure or transitions
    • Plan and manage project compliance
    • Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value
    • Evaluate and address external business environment changes for impact on scope
    • Support organizational change

Project Managers get ready…  Change is here, it is time to Skill up!