Everyone experiences life from their own perspective, if we think about it, it is like living in a box full of paradigms, experiences, beliefs, values, etc. 

As projects go by, Project Teams tend to start living in the same “box”. Sometimes they create one full of beliefs that empower people and help to increase effectiveness. In those project “boxes” you hear people say:

  • Let’s reevaluate, it might be a better way to approach this.
  • We have our sponsor support; we already talk about this risk. 
  • Let´s have a brainstorming session to solve the problem.
  • We need to change the plan, because it is not working.
  • I don´t agree with your point of view, but I respect it.

Some other Project boxes, are different, they are the ones where you hear comments such as:

  • We can´t change it, that’s the way the company wants it.
  • We knew from the beginning that the budget was not enough.
  • We must do it in this way, because that is the PMI way.
  • Projects are never finished on time.
  • I don´t trust him, I need to redo all his work.

What kind of box your project is in? If results are positive, you and your team have created an effective one, if objectives are not being accomplished, is time to STOP! And Look at your project from outside the box.