As we know, management in PROJECTCOACH, it´s the art of achieving project results through other people.

Projects are not just the sum of the deliverables, but the synergy produced by the team led by the Sponsor and the Project Manager.

There are two main roles to manage a project:

  1. Project Sponsor: Leads the project to achieve business results.
  2. Project manager: Leads the team to deliver the benefits of the project.

There is no Project Manager without a Project Sponsor, or a project sponsor without a project manager, just like in the Noah´s Arch, they come by couples. 

We often meet excellent project management practitioners, that know the theory, the techniques and they have their computers filled with thousands of templates, but they underestimate the human process that is happening right before their eyes.

I was one of them, and I was often recognized as great person for operation, but an awful one to manage people.

Until a project director told me once: “Look, you are a smart girl, a great PROJECT TECHNICIAN, but you will never be a PROJECT MANAGER, until you understand that projects are made by people, people that follow someone they can trust”.

Thanks Marco Alvarez, I will always cherish this advice. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: It´s more about management than about projects.